The 12 Rashis (signs)

The zodiac is divided in 12 sections, which are called the 12 rashis, or signs. Each sign is exactly 30 degrees. Like the bhavas(houses), the rashis are each related to an area of life. Part of the characteristics of a sign are derived from the graha(planet) that is lord of that sign, but independant of that, each rashis has its own unique traits. The rashis are classified in many different ways, as movable fixed and dual, as male or female, as watery, dry, airy or fiery, etc. The most influencial rashi is the one which was ascending at the Eastern horizon at the time of birth. It is called the "Lagna", or better known, Ascendant. Because of its prominence, the whole chart will be colored according to its characteristics. Another very important sign is the one that holds the Moon, the so-called Janma Rashi. The Moon is very important in Jyotish, and so is the Rashi it is in. Both the Ascendant and the Moon sign will be of major influence in the life of the individual.

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