The 9 Grahas

  Jyotish or Vedic Astrology uses 9 Grahas (planets) in the chart analysis:

  Rahu, Ketu, and the Planets influence each other in various ways. The ancient sages saw a relationship between the movement of the planets and the ups and downs of human experience. Vedic Astrology (Parashara's Light Software) explores these variations in order to help us anticipate challenges and comprehend their meaning.

  Two planets in the same sign are conjunct. Planets in sign opposition are said to aspect each other. Mars, Jupiter and Saturn have special additional aspects. The sign in which a planet is located is of great importance. If the sign is favorable to the planet, the qualities of the planet are expressed more strongly and auspiciously. The person in question will enjoy more benefits in the area of life that is signified by the planets. Contrary, if the sign is very unfavourable, the planet will turn inauspicious and bring problems and struggle in whatever area of life it represents.

  Parashara's Light calculates all of these influences and many more. The software has the ability to calculate all of the complex influences of the planets and then present them to you in ordinary language (Interpretations).

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