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The planet summary page is based on a highly authentic model of interpreting the effect of the planets in the chart. This page presents all major calculations relevant to the planet, in a way that the interpretation is consistent and clear. In the limited space we have here, we will give an example based on Mars in President Bush's chart.

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What you see here is the screen that you get when you click on Mars in Bush's chart. We chose Mars because it rules the 10th house, and should be revealing for his current occupation as President of the USA.

The first section, labeled Strength, tells us that Mars is very strong (147% of what is required) and is the strongest planet of all. According to the classics, that means that Mars will be able to fully manifest the areas of life it governs, in this case power and status, amongst others.

The second section, Auspiciousness, summarizes several indications of how Mars will behave on the scale from very harmful to very auspicious. There is a mix of hints here. On one hand, Mars is in a good dignity, has a very high score in Vimshopaka bala, and is hemmed in two benefics. These factors will help Mars in bringing about successful actions. On the other hand, the low Ishta Kastha Phala score, makes Mars lack in ability to bring about very auspicious actions.

The third section, Importance, reveals how much this planet is connected to the Ascendant, Moon and Sun. Surprisingly, Mars scores the lowest of all planets. This means that even though Bush has this very powerful Mars carry his profession to great heights, this Mars-quality is less present in his personality and abilities. He does not appear to be the embodiment of an aggressive, assertive military style leader. Instead, the effect of Mars can only be seen through his career and decisions made in the professional realm.

The fourth section, Qualities, helps us understand in what specific manner Mars will act. Will it make the person a blacksmith, a butcher, an army leader or karate expert? Mars is in Leo, both in the birth chart and in the navamsha. Leo is a sign of royalty and power. The nakshatra is Poorva Phalguni (symbolized by a hammock), ruled by Venus. This indicates a tendency for seeking power, but with comforts (political, rather than physical). Out of the 6 Shadvargas (the 6 most important divisional charts) Mars is placed in, 4 are fire signs, adding ambition and forcefulness to Mars.

All of the calculations listed here, some of which may be new to you, are hyperlinked to the tutorial, so you can easily read more about them.

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