Sample Printouts

In this section, we will show a few of the many printouts from “Parashara’s Light.”

The above printout shows the birth chart with the degrees of the planets in the chart, the current dashas on two levels, the current dashas on three levels, the ashtakavarga score (right upper corner), and for each planet the sign, nakshatra, pada, nakshatra lord, dignity, Shad bala (strength), Vimsopaka bala, and lordships.


The Aspects Printout (above) shows the aspect between planets, and the aspects from planets to house cusps. The aspects between planets are given according to the common full/partial aspect system (which only takes the distance between two signs into account), as well as the exact aspect (based on the precise angular distance between two planets).

The Avasthas printout shows for each planet, the various avasthas (avastha means state or condition). The avasthas reveal more information on the condition of the planet in the chart.
The table in the middle shows the lord of each of the 12 houses, their dispositors, and the final dispositors.
The table at the bottom gives additional information on conditions that affect the planets: retrogression, combustion, placement in fiery/earthy, etc. signs, and yogas that cancel debilitation.

This printout (below) is another sample of a user defined printout. It show three consecutive years of Varshphal charts. For each year, the actual chart, degrees and dignity of the planets, and the mahadashas are shown.
This printout is a good example of how flexible and powerfull the user defined printout feature is.

The charts will automatically show in whichever format you specify as the default.

These four printouts are the same - showing the 15 divisional charts on one page. The printout at the left top is made with the chart style set to North Indian; the printout at the right top is set with the chart style set to Western  wheel; the one at the left bottom is in South Indian style; and the one at the right bottom is in color, with glyphs in Western wheels.

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