Shri Muhurta Software

Salient features of Shri Muhurta
  • Comprehensive list of Muhurtas covers a wide veriety of events, from most common to highly specialized.
  • Selection of the Muhurta uses numerous factors such as Panchanga, yogas, blemishes, cancellation of blemishes and many more. Click here to see a detailed list of considerations.
  • The best dates are found by avoiding the negative and including the positive factors to the greatest extent.
  • After each search, the user is presented a list of the best available dates/times, each with a rating of their auspiciousness.
  • Graphs visualize the auspiciousness of different times within a day, to facilitate selecting the best time.
  • Beautifully designed printouts.
  • Extermely accurate planetary algorithms, to a second of arc precise, based on data supplied by the NASA.
  • The software takes Muhurta from a theoritical knowledge to a practical support anyone can use! Even though anybody can use the results as they are presented, the astrologer is still given the complete support and flexibility to evaluate alternative suggestions, and apply his own insight in selecting the final date and time.
  • Owning Shri Muhurta finally makes it affordable and practical to utilize Muhurta on a regular basis.
  • Allows the professional astrologer to practice Muhurta more efficiently, and more accurately.
The Muhurtas Calculated by Shri Muhurta (Click here to see a complete list of events)
  • Marriage, Engagement, Re-marriage, etc.
  • House: Entering a new house, entrance into old/repaired house, changing residence.
  • Journeys: Journeys in the specific directions.
  • Purchasing: items for business, land new items, vehicles etc.
  • Applying for a job, joining government service, filling law suit/court case, making a will, adopting a child.
  • Construction: laying foundation stone, installing doors, heaters, water tanks, digging a well, etc.
  • Farming: buying land, collecting and storing grains, harvesting, ploughing the field, sowing, etc.
  • Cremation and burial.
  • The Shodash Sanskaras (specific to the Indian culture): include Garbhadhan Sanskara, Annaprashana Sanskara, Upanayana, Naamkarana Sanskara, Daha Sanskara and many others.
  • Miscellaneous: installing a deity, division of property, horse races, inauguration of school, hostel, initiation of mantra, etc.
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