Shri Muhurta Software

Shri Muhurta has taken into account a huge number of factors which are checked to find a Muhurta. Some of them are:
General Considerations
  • Month
  • Tithi
  • Vaar
  • Nakshatra
  • Yoga
  • Karana
  • Tarabala
  • Chandrabala
  • Lagna
  • AshtakaVarga
  • Tithi-Day-Nakshatra combination yogas like Sarvaarth Sidhhi Yoga.
  • Strength and auspiciousness of Lagna
  • Strength and auspiciousness of Lagna Lord
  • Strength and auspiciousness of Significator houses
  • Strength and auspiciousness of Significator house lords
  • Strength and auspiciousness of Significator planets
  • The 21 blemishes (Maha doshas)
  • The neutralization of the blemishes
  • Special blemish removal yogas
  • Special planetary positions and combinations as specified to be auspicious and inauspicious for the important Muhurtas like Marriage, Journeys etc.
Special Hindu Considerations
  • Adhik Maas
  • Kshaya Maas
  • Adhik Tithi
  • Kshaya Tithi
  • Shraadh Paksha
  • Holashtak
  • Mal Maas
  • Dev Shayan Period
  • InAuspicious Tithis
  • Lagna Nature (Char, Sthira & Dwi-Swabhav Lagnas)
  • Navamsha Nature (Char, Sthira & Dwi-Swabhav Navamashas)
  • Inauspicious placement of Sun & Moon from Birth Rashi
  • Jupiter & Venus combustion (Asta Graha)
  • Daghdha Nakshatra
  • Shunya Tithis
  • Shunya Nakshatras
  • Shunya Lagnas
  • Dagdha Lagna
  • Shunya Rashi
  • Inauspicious Tithi, Nakshatra & Vaar Combinations
  • Inauspicious Tithis
  • Panchaka Period
  • Bhadra Period (Swarg Lok Bhadra, Paatal Lok Bhadra, Mrityu Lok Bhadra)
  • Rahu Kaal
  • Aboojh Marriage Muhurtas
Special Marriage Considerations (The Ten Rekhas)
  • Latta Dosha
  • Patta Dosha
  • Yuti
  • Vedha
  • Jaimitra
  • Pancha Shalaka
  • Ekargala
  • Upagraha
  • Kranti Samya
  • Dagdha Tithi
Special Journey Considerations
  • Tara
  • Chandrabad
  • Vaar Shoola
  • Chandra Nivasa
  • Yogini Nivasa
  • Sam Shukra
But in spite of all these considerations, it remains to some degree a matter of personal opinion whether a particular Muhurta is considered auspicious or not by a particular Astrologer. Shri Muhurta helps you to find the best time and date by finding an optimum amongst those factors, but it cannot guarantee that there is no better option to match a particular astrologer's knowledge. Another point to realize is that the Muhurtas are designed to support the general significance of the particular activity. A particular individual may have a different perspective on that event, and must take the responsibility of judging whether that Muhurta really applies on his case. Especially the auspiciousness of the unique configuration in the chart is very subjective. Shri Muhurta makes a judgment by using standard rules for affliction and beneficial support, but does not analyze the chart to match the intentions of the activity. For example in a Muhurta done for marriage, the lord of the 1st house may be in the 3rd. This is generally not a bad place, but someone may object to the individualistic nature of the 3rd house, and prefer a house placement that is more family oriented. If marriage is for the purpose of getting rich, the 2nd or 11th house may be highly preferred. The software allows the user to easily compare alternative options, and select the one that suits him best. It is in this process that the user ultimately chooses his destiny.
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