Chart Tutor

   The Chart Tutor  is specially designed to give beginners easy access to some important basic concepts in Vedic Astrology. These are descriptions of the houses, the signs, the lordships, the Ascendant, and the Nakshatras.

  To help you read through these descriptions in a systematic way, you can click in any house of the chart on the screen, and the program will automatically display the information relevant to the house you clicked in. For example, if you are looking at a chart with Scorpio ascending with Mars in the 3rd house (in Capricorn) and you click in the first house, the program will display the following data: Significations of the 1st house, the sign in the first (Scorpio), the effects of the lord of the 1st (Mars) placed in the 3rd. Going through the 12 houses like this should be a useful tour through the fundamentals found in the classical texts.

  The lower part of the screen contains buttons allowing you to read the description of the Ascendant. To read more about the planetís Nakshatra, sign, etc, simply click on the Planet in the Chart. The Description of the Ascendant describes the general effects of Charts that have this particular Ascendant (Scorpio in this example). This description is different from the description of the sign itself, because it applies the effects of the ascending sign to various areas of life.  

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