Calculations supported by Parashara’s
You name it, we've got it! Parashara's Light supports every astrological calculation in use.

  • Birth chart
  • Navamsha and other divisional charts
  • Interpretations
  • Tajika vargas
  • Sudarshan chakr, (a special chart showing the planets from the Ascendant, the Moon and from the Sun)
  • Dignities, retrogression, and combustion for all planets
  • Aspects, the common sign based aspects, as well as the Vedic degree based
  • Padas, Gulika, Dagdha rashis, Yogi, Avayogi etc.
  • Neecha banga yogas
  • Planetary relationships: natural, temporal and compound
  • Nakshatra spatial matrix
  • Avasthas, 6 kinds, for each Planet
  • Shad bala and Vimsopaka bala in great detail
  • Health related effects in the chart (influence of the planets on the areas of the body)

    Dashas: Vimsottari, Yogini, Chara, Astottari, and 9 more.  360/365 days and other options. The only program that calculates dashas up to 5 levels! Dashas can be calculated from the Moon, from the Ascendant or from any planet. Four Dasha systems for the Varshphal chart are supported.

    Yogas: Every yoga or quote that applies on a given birth chart from the following books: Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra, Saravali, Hora Sara and Garga Hora. This makes a 15 page interpretive summary from the classics, an invaluable interactive learning tool! A selection of 300 yogas from classical text can be searched for applicable yogas.

  • Transits
  • divisional charts for transits
  • Dasha balance and Ashtakavarga at time of the transits
  • Prints customized reports showing when the transits pass natal planets
  • Transits can be shown along with the birth chart
  • Progression chart, vargas for the Progression chart and 4 kinds of dashas for Progression chart
  • Monthly and daily progression charts, planetary strengths and the yearlord
  • Sahams (“Arabic parts”) can be printed for any Varshphal chart
  • Compatibility with details for different areas of life
  • Muhurta chart
  • Printable ephemeris
  • Choice of Ayanamsha; North/South/Western style charts
  • Krishnamurti chart with cusps and significators
  • Nakshatras and their significations for all planets
  • Complete Ashtakavarga, with beautiful graphical representation of the Samudaya Ashtakavarga. The binnasthakavarga and Sarvashtakavarga can be shown for each planet. The Sarva Chancha Chakra printout combined both of these in a beautiful graphical wheel.

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