Chart database: The software includes a chart database of famous people of over 700 charts, organized by category.

Selecting Groups of Charts by User Defined Criteria:  Parashara’s Light has a special search feature, which allows you to select a group of charts from your database, based on a condition in the birth chart. For example, you can select all charts that have the lord of the first house in the 4th. Or select all charts with Saturn exalted. The ability to isolate all the people who have that particular thing in common in their chart, can be a great help in studying the effects of certain principles in Jyotish.

Chart Tutor:
Check out our chart tutor page.

Classical Vedic Texts: Parashara's Light contains 4 classical Vedic Texts within the program and New Interpretive Reports. Automatic retrieval of yogas and quotes for any chart, will yield a 20 page summary directly from the classics, unique for one's horoscope.
Statistics on Groups of Charts

This feature allows you to analyze an arbitrary set of charts and quickly find similarities between them. There are a number of different built-in tests that each look for different parameters in the charts. After a test is run, you can look at the results in either a table or in a graph.


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