Worksheet Enhancements
Two people's charts & tables in the same worksheet

You can now place a second person's birth chart, dashas, or any of the divisional or specialty charts right along side your own chart on the worksheet. It is highly useful for a potential partnership evaluation and predictive consideration of various matters that involve two people/subjects.

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Bush / USA Example

In this example layout, the top row contains George W. Bush's rashi chart on the left and USA's chart on the right (highlighted in yellow). The row below displays corresponding dashas. Bush's Vimshottari dashas are on the left and USA's are on the right.

The advantage of this convenient layout is the ability to evaluate both parties' charts simultaneously, without having to switch from one screen to another. For example, you can see that both Bush and USA are running a Maha dasha cycle of the 8th lord, which is Saturn in Bush's case and the Moon in the USA chart. Some of the significations of the 8th house are turbulent transformations, death like experiences, secrets, bankruptcies, and accidents.

Composite charts

Another highly useful addition to the program is a composite chart feature. You can superimpose any two charts on each other right on the worksheet with just two clicks of the mouse. This technique uses sidereal positions of the planets, it should not be confused with the one employed in Tropical/Western Zodiac. This composite chart format makes it easy to observe planetary influences and correlations between two charts.

You are looking at the birth chart of the United States of America superimposed over President's George W. Bush's birth chart. The outer wheel is the US chart and the inner is G. Bush's. The numbers outside of the outer chart represent rashis/ signs - 4 stands for Cancer, 5 for Leo, and so on.


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Quick Comparison

At a glance you can spot important and distinct correlations between the two charts. Note the almost identical placements of the Sun in both charts ­ America's and Bush's Suns are both placed in Gemini, just a few degrees apart. Also, note the clusters of planets placed in Gemini-Cancer rashis.

Note how USA's Saturn is placed right over Bush's Jupiter Moon conjunction in Virgo ­ it clearly foretells what we have already witnessed - so far Bush's presidency of the country has been filled with lots of unpleasant duties and responsibilities, morbid events, and grief. On the positive side, it might indicate that George Bush will learn some great lessons during the course of his US presidency that will lead him to acquire greater discipline, maturity, and personal growth.

Below is an example worksheet layout that would be convenient for analyzing personal relationships. On the left, the chart of a female Mary is superimposed onto the navamsha chart of her fiance Michael. On the right side, the rashi chart of Michael is superimposed onto Mary's navamsha. (The yellow headers indicate that the worksheet cell is based on the birthdata of the partner).

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Notice how easy it is to see the following connections:

  • The Moon in Mary's natal chart is in the same sign as in Michael's Navamsha ­ Virgo
  • The Moon in Michael's natal chart is in the same sign as in Mary's Navamsha - Cancer
  • Mars in Mary's natal chart is in the same sign as in Michael's Navamsha ­ Cancer
  • Rahu in Mary's natal chart is "conjunct" Jupiter in Michael's navamsha, and Jupiter in Mary's natal chart is "conjunct" Rahu in Michael's navamsha.
  • Michael's Birthchart has a great similarity with Mary's navamsha: the Ascendant, Ascendant lord's sign, Moon, Rahu and Ketu are all in the same sign.
  • There are a number of very close conjunctions: the degree of Mary's navamsha ascendant and Michael's natal ascendant, Mary's Sun in navamsha and Micheal's natal Venus, etc.
  • Both ascendants are Libra

The same could be done for the effect of transits on the natal chart and vargas, and the change time tool could be used to interactively change the transit chart around.

Experiment with different combinations ­ choose from birth chart, transits, varshphal, vargas, mixing charts of two different people. The possibilities are endless.

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