Personalized Vedic Astrology Tutorial

    In this new update of Parashara's Light, over 120 pages of personalized tutorial material can take you from an absolute beginner level through all basic and intermediate levels of Vedic Astrology. The tutorial is particularly well structured and designed to help you build a coherent understanding of various calculations and techniques used in Vedic Astrology. Base examples on any chart of your choice. That makes learning interesting and motivating!
Multiple Page Display!

The tutorial also has relevant links to many reports, so that you can easily see the details of the calculations discussed based on your own chart.

The material is divided into 10 main themes, from very basic to more advanced. Each theme is subdivided into lessons, and each lesson's title is carefully chosen to help build a holistic sense of how many of the details in Vedic Astrology work together.

The program supports the display of multiple pages at once, so it is possible to see different parts of the tutorial side by side on the screen.

Quick Referencing

Your tutorial is also linked to the worksheet in the most useful manner: when you click on a planet in the birth chart, you will get a "planet summary" page showing you all the relevant calculations for that planet. Each of these calculations is hyper linked to the tutorial, so you can easily learn what each calculation is used for.

You can read the tutorial from beginning to end, or you can access each topic in whatever order you prefer. Any of the pages can be printed out as well!
Features overview