Parashara’s Light 6.0 contains a collection of yogas from a large number of books as well as the entire text of 4 classics.  It allows you to make a 20 page report of text pertaining to the chart!

Yogas collection
The 1000 yogas collected from a number of sources can be viewed in its own special screen. You can either view all the yogas or just the ones that apply to the chart. You can select any yoga from the list and read its definition and effect right on the screen. The yogas also print in a beautiful format.

Classical texts
Out of the 4 texts included, the Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra is the largest one, written by Maharishi Parashara. The others are Saravali, Hora Sara, and Garga Hora. These four books are selected because they are complementary in the information they provide.
The user may also add his own interpretive text to the program. However, the most exciting feature gives you the ability to do an automatic search for all applicable yogas and quotes from all of these books! This will give you an impressive report with text, entirely pertaining to the chart! Reading through this report will dramatically boost your understanding of Vedic Astrology.

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