Transit Search

  Often, while looking at a chart, you will wonder when a particular transit will take place. Now you can very easily and quickly answer questions like "When will Saturn transit the natal Moon?" or "When will Mars enter the Ascendant? " In seconds, the date and time of the transit will be given. By clicking on the date, the chart for the moment of the transit will be shown. Then, you can calculate the other transits as well. Not only exact transits, but also transits into the same degree, sign, etc.

Transit/Dasha Report

  Another sophisticated addition is the transit/Dasha Report. This feature allows you to define a report containing the date and time that transits and dasha changes occur. You choose which transits you want to be included, which planets in transit to use, the kind of transit, and the points in the chart that are being transitted (such as the natal planets, house cusps, yogi point, etc.) Kinds of transits that can be selected include exact degree transit, transit into signs, nakshatras, navamshas. Exact vedic aspect onto the natal point, trines, squares, and more.

  In the same report ,you can merge dasha changes from any of the dasha systems up to any level you specify. This allows you to make a highly useful report which includes all the important events used inVedic Astrology .

  Each report you create can be named and saved for later use. Reports can be made for any period of time.

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