Options - Customizable

"Do it your way, or theirs! New Parashara's Light is more beautiful than ever."

    There are so many ways you can customize “Parashara’s Light.” In nearly every case in which we know of alternate ways of calculating or showing something, we allow you to choose.

    Chart Styles
    The outer planets and Upa Grahas can be shown in any of the charts. You can choose between North Indian, South Indian or Western style charts. In any of these charts, you can use western glyphs for the planets and/or signs. You can customize the color of the planets and charts backgrounds, and choose from many chart border designs and worksheet background schemes. The borders of the charts can be drawn as a single line, or with a double line. You can display house numbers in the charts. The names of planets can be given in English, Sanskrit, or in a language specified by you. New right mouse click option allows you rotate the chart and superimpose any house to become the first.

    Screen/Worksheet Layout
    You can select the number of charts that are drawn on the worksheet at the same time to optimize for your particular size monitor. You can change the layout of the worksheet to completely customize the information shown  to your needs. This layout can be saved to be used automatically from that point on. Numerous other display options customize the look of the screens.

    Printouts have been completely re-designed in version 6.0. You can design your own printouts  with the very sophisticated graphical printout design tool. This tool allows you to create your own printouts with any combination of charts, tables or dashas.  You can specify the fonts used in the printouts  and select color options.

    There is a special calculation options screen that allows you to choose the Ayanamsha,  the Ashtakavarga calculation methods, the length of a dasha year, the dasha balance method, the solar return chart calculation method, the way sunrise is calculated, True/Mean Rahu, inclusion or exclusion of Rahu as karaka, and the way the Karakamsha chart is calculated.

    There's more..................

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